Sunday, October 18, 2009

Post Ironman Kona 2009

Where do I start with how this week went?!

Such a strange week since it started in Kona and ended here... home in San Francisco but wishing I was still in Kona because I had so much fun this year! My flight home was less than smooth with delay after delay due to weather and then due to the plane not detaching from the gate while we were trying to taxi out but out of that, I got a $250 credit towards my next flight and met a new friend who happens to work for Competitor!

As many of you know, I took a lot of photos in Kona. I can't help it! I have a passion for photography & sports and I happen to be lucky enough to capture a few good ones! I've been receiving emails via facebook all week from friends & strangers complimenting my photos and even notes from a few of the Pro athletes (which is such a compliment since their photos are being taken all the time). I love being able to share my passion with others and being able to benefit others in that as well! Can you tell I miss Kona?!

Last weekend was full of race day and post race parties... this weekend was very similar minus the race! Saturday was Ted's 40th Birthday weekend so many of us headed down to Los Gatos for a night of Bocce Ball! It was great to see Ted, Mai, Caesar, Nick & Leslie, Victor, Renee, Pete and many of Ted's family members! Bocce ball was a hoot!! Sunday was a full day! A long run, coffee with Abbey which included a Jake Gyllenhaul & Reese Witherspoon sighting, a 3.5 hour visit with Monique, who is progressing VERY well by the way (she leaves the hospital tmrw) and ended with a dinner party at my friend's Alex & Heidi's house. It was a weekend of catching up with friends and a lovely weekend it was! Reminds me of how lucky I am to have all these wonderful people in my life!

Friends + photography+ triathlon + travel = happy me

I leave you with another GREAT recap video by TimRabe of Ironman Worlds 2009-

Workout Summary-
Swim- 0 hours and 0 minutes
Bike- 4 hour and 30 minutes
Run- 2 hours and 15 minutes
Total Workout- 6 hours and 45 minutes

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