Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011- IM Oceanside 70.3 Race Report

Oceanside 70.3... my favorite 70.3!

Swim- 58:25.. Ugh. That is indeed my longest. swim. ever! And rightly so as I went off course a little bit heading out and with this race, I am always nervous and anticipating the men that starts after me as they’re an aggressive bunch!

T1- 6:07 .. long run along the ramp to my bike..

Bike- 3:39:07- I thought the bike was windy during the entire course today? I kept my ride comfortable just as coach instructed..heart rate stayed in Z3 and was able to keep pace during the entirety of the course especially towards the last stretch. One thing that did surprise me this year was the amount of people walking their bikes up the hill. They’re steep but they’re not THAT steep! One funny moment though… sometime during the first ten miles of the bike, I was braking and at the same time, this bird with a squeaky chirp was chirping by me. Needless to say.. I quickly looked all around my bike thinking, “OMG OMG OMG what’s going on?” And then I realized.. stupid bird!

Bike Nutrition- 2 bottles of 265 cal infinit. Usually I take in 3 but I didn't need it today and I didn't feel like taking it in.. also took water at each water stop.

T2- 2:36 – OMG so happy to be off my bike! I enjoy riding and some days I love it and I used to really love it but there’s something about being at the race where I really just want to get the bike over with!! As I rack my bike, I hear voices cheering for me… I look up and there was coach, B.August and Leisha. Sorta out of it, I asked Coach, “Are you done?” Duh! Clearly! Ha ha. He then said, “Ok.. ready to run hard?” I said,”yes.. wait what does that mean?” I don’t know why I asked that.. I knew what he meant! Ha ha..my entire day’s goal was to PR my run! So off to the run I went.. and by the way.. I believe this is a PR for a T2 time.. might have something to do with the coach looking over your shoulder..

Run- 2:22:09- PR'd by 1:14 from 2009. I found my legs heading out and coming back I put in more effort BUT then I rolled an ankle after the downhill making a right on that flat section by the beach which would be around mile 4.5? My entire day’s goal was to PR the run and I roll an ankle.. ugh! I stepped into one of the cracks and kinda went flying forward ..major bummer. I took a min to get up... took another few to walk it off before continuing the run. I would have liked to PR some more obviously as I felt like I could though numb left ankle and throbbing/swollen/bleeding right knee might have hindered some efforts..

Run nutrition- coke/water - tummy cramp.

Overall- 7:08:24.. I really tried to enjoy as much of the race as I can as I won’t be doing it next year. I enjoyed my time in Oceanside though I felt something was missing from the weekend..motivation maybe? My thoughts on how I feel post race… I feel like I just did a full IM...Ouch! Also.. worth noting... guess how much money I spent at the expo?! That would be $0!! That's right zero! I am sticking to my New Year's Resolution... no more spending money on gear unless I absolutely need it!

Done and done!