Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010... hello 2011

2010 flew by!

Where did 2010 go? This was probably one of my most dynamic years lived thus far. I managed two Ironman finishes, strengthened relationships and listened to my body and took 3 months off of focused training.. probably more than my coach would have liked but it's what I felt I needed mentally and emotionally. Through all the ups and downs of the year, I'm thankful for the experiences and am especially thankful to end the year on a high note!

Some of the year's most memorable...

1. Hardest training day- triple brick for IM Canada felt harder than I thought it should.
2. Hardest race moment- IM St. George bike- second half of the second loop.. it really looked gloom!
3. Best moment at an IM- Seeing Mike on the run course.. he was racing too.
4. Funniest pain cave moment- Abbey calling coach a jerk for insinuating she was fat (he did not).
5. Unfinished business - finding a saddle on the tri bike that I can be friends with!

As I look to 2011, I am getting excited again to get focused and train. I'll be taking on Ironman #5... prior to do that will be Oceanside 70.3 and the Wildflower Long Course... same schedule as two years ago. I will have a new address, as well as, a changing job scope! Thank you 2010 for being a good one..

Welcome 2011..I think you're going to be great!! Happy New Year everyone!