Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Hope everyone had a warm Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was one of my favorite Thanksgivings. I spent the morning having breakfast that was specially cooked.. then spent a few hours giving back before enjoying the rest of my day with special peoples! The home was warm.. the food was great... the company made me happy. I felt very thankful yesterday and I hope you guys did as well!

I spent some time thinking about my year and what I am most thankful for. My answer seems to be very similar every year yet very true.. I am thankful for life and all that it brings. Sometimes you go about your way the way you're used to or the way you think you're supposed to and something along the way changes your perspective and if you're lucky, for the better. I was lucky this year :-).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Congrats to my IM AZ friends!

I guess it can be cold & windy too at IM AZ!

It was rainy, cold and windy at IM AZ this year. The weather was so poor that you'd think I was racing since I am known to come with bad weather! Anyway, no in particular order, congrats to my friends that either toed and/or crossed the finish line (hope I didn't forget anyone):

Nicky Barber
Abbey Dykhouse
Bo Arlander
Erik Svans
Ritch Viola
Mimi Winsberg
John Dahlz
Helen Tsai
Sedonia Yoshida
Flick Joyce
and lastly
Mike Kyle

I am happy and proud of every one but I am most happy to see Mike Kyle, AG(50-54), cross the finish line as he had a helping hand in me crossing my first IM finish line at Louisville a couple of years ago. Bad hip and all.. blame it on training.. blame it on old age .. but he ran a good amount of miles with me doing whatever he could to help get me there that night. Seeing that he crossed the finish line after a DNS in 2008, a DNF in 2009, has brought back good memories of the Team and what the journey of IM was all about for me.

Over the years, the meaning of Ironman has evolved and changed (for me) and now has changed and revolved back again. At one point, my life revolved around Ironman. I guess now you can say as I've evolved, Ironman has to revolve around my life.

Gobble Gobble everyone!