Friday, July 22, 2011

We will see if I am claustrophobic!

One month later..

It's been about a month since IM CdA and I've done a total of 2 workouts. Wait.. let me think. Yes, that is correct.. two! A friend of mine is moving to Switzerland next month so I went on a send off ride with him..not long about 45 miles that day but after hour 2.. I felt the same sharp pain digging on the tendons behind my knee that I felt at CdA. At CdA, it appeared at about 2 hours into the bike and it was the same on the send off ride.

Was the pain a factor to me stopping my race at CdA? Yes and no. No, because had I been in the right mindset, I would have pushed through the pain because it' supposed to be hard and painful. Yes, because I wasn't in the right mindset to push through that day.. like my coach and I discussed.. I was just burnt out on mental toughness that day...needed more coins in that meter.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday, went to see my sports chiropractor.. the aide named Jez worked the heck out of my left tendon. Holy moly! I was dancing all over that treatment table while pounding my right leg to distract the pain. Usually, when I am experiencing a whole lot of pain during treatment, I break out in laughter and there was a whole lot f laughter in room 5 yesterday! TDR came in... concerned that the pain has not subsided ..that something isn't healing .. I've been sent to an appointment with the MRI tunnel.

More to come on Monday...