Thursday, October 8, 2009

2009 Ironman World Championships Blog- Day 3

A Spectator's Perspective:

Day 3 10.08.09- Thursday

Morning start with people watching at Dig Me Beach-- I must say this has got to be THE best people watching spot in the world of triathlon! Luke McKenzie was doing a photo shoot for Blue Seventy out in the water- cool to see! LOTS of folks showed up for the swim this morning.. makes sense since today is the last day to check in for the race.

Happenings- It's Thursday during race week lead up in know what that means!! Underpants Run!!

It was hands down the most fun I've had in a running event and it was definitely an event! Attended Coach's race mtg so that I can see every one and it was quite interesting listening to race strategy from Coach. I heard some things that I found to be helpful for my next Ironman race! Coming out of that mtg, phew hearing him break down the bike course and potential conditions AND then the run... yikes! I wish all athletes the BEST of luck on Saturday! Nothing else really going on today as race is getting closer... folks are starting to take it easier!

Tomorrow is gear check in day so I'll be on site there with my camera ready!

Schwag- orange Avia hat that they were selling at Wildflower (free), VERY cool Art of Tri limited addition Kona T-shirt (thanks to Kara for grabbing me one from Toby), gel flasks, waterbottles, swim caps- that's the free stuff. Stuff I actually paid for- pink compression socks, Crocs Repair slides, socks dogs for my stinky cyclig cleats.. hopefuly they will be stinky no more!

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