Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 Ironman World Championships Blog- Day 1

A spectators perspective:

Day 1- 10.06.09. Tuesday

Departed SFO at 9am landed in KOA at 11:30am- Aloha! First thoughts upon landing-'s HOT out here! Felt much warmer than last year...or it could be that it's been chillingly cold in SF..shrug.

Sights- many shaved legs, beautiful people, several different languages but same passion! Saw the Nation's Parade...what can I say about eye candy for both men & women from multiple nations represented here at this mecca of an event?!

Happenings & highlights- Keiki Race! I was rooting for Little Lieto (Kaiden)-- those kids-- so young yet some already have perfect run form! I saw one kid throw an elbow to towards the finish to one of his competitors-- bad sportsmanship kid :-0! Saw a line at the Newton expo camp...when there is a line... there is happenings! Natascha Badmann and Crowie was there signing autographs and taking photos. Of course yours truly got in the Crowie line... I love Natasche too..I mean come on.. she's one tough cookie but Crowie... :-) So here's a thought.. why was I the only one of two gals that was in line for Crowie? The rest were men :-).Dinner with Kara, Toby (Art of Tri) and Whit. Chatting up triathlon happenings with Whit....throwing question after question to him which he asked multiple times, "How do you know this stuff?!" Ha ha! I keep up Whit :-) Talked retail with Toby relating to his Art of Tri clothing line-- met and shook hands with Mark Allen while he came in dining with another Ironman legend, Greg Welch...good times! Not to leave another Ironman legend out, Dave Scott! Heard him speak at a Q&A session...the most interesting Q&A segment was regarding one Lance Armstrong! Question was something to the tune of..."Do you think Lance can compete here?" Dave Scott answered something like, "I competed with him years ago when he was a junior... etc etc etc... the question is can he have a strong run off the bike? These guys here are running a sub 2:50 off the bike...Lance runs a sub 2:50 with about an entourage of 50 people pacing him!" Ooooooh... I guess we shall see in 2011?!

Schwag- 2009 Kona Underpants Run visor & K-Swiss Ironman M Dot backpack!

Until tomorrow...!


monique said...
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monique said...

I look forward to bringing your perspective into my recovery. It's tough not being there so I'm counting on you to "lighten it up" for me. :). Have a fabulous time gathering the scoop! Xo, mo

mogali said...

The Iron Man Mark 3 collectible figure was deemed a necessary object after the Iron Man movie. It has over 36 points of articulation and has a metallic paint job.

Thanks Jon