Thursday, October 8, 2009

2009 Ironman World Championships Blog- Day 2

A Spectator's View"

Day 2- 10.07.09- Wednesday

First thing this AM- did an hour morning swim at Dig Me Beach (IM swim start). Warm but choppy waters but what a change a pace to be able to see in what's under the water that you're swimming in :-)! Needless to say, I was well distracted during my swim this AM! Went in with Ariane and Jordan.. was hoping to watch Sandy & co coming out of the water but missed them for photos! Pre-swim, Macca's Beistmilch crew was out giving away tattoos, swim caps, and t-shirts but to get the t-shirt, you had to have the tattoo on your body! Heck, give me that bottle of water! Afterall, it is Kona week :-)

Happenings- Checked in for my Body Marking during race morning duties! Met up with Abbey, Mark and Eve for lunch at the Kona Brewery before heading to the expo. As Abbey, Eve and I walked through the bike portion of the expo, I heard the voice of Macca on the mic! Turned to the ladies and said, "Macca is doing an interview at the Triathlete Mag tent.. I'm going there!” Sure enough, there he was! I stuck around for the full interview, Q&A session, photo & autograph session. Then stuck around for the K-Swiss crew interview session and a photo op and conversation about vitamins with Chris Lieto. Yes, vitamins!

Specifically, I was asking about his new Base Multivitamin and why one has to take 4 of those a day?! And how that compares to the One-A-Day Multivitamins! I won't bore you with the details of that conversation but it was interesting for me to get his insight. And then as I was walking back to meet Eve & Abbey... on the mic..."Andy Potts is at the TYR tent!" So did an about face and off to the TYR tent I went! A really nice guy! Yes, I admit, I am a BIG fan of these athletes who are at the top of the triathlon game! Besides, how often can one be in conversation with so many great athletes in one sitting?! :-) Had to take advantage of the opportunity! One thing that stuck with me that was said today came from Macca..something to the tune of.. "When I hit a tough moment, I just remind myself how lucky and privileged I am to be out here.. to be able to do this!" Word!

Schwag- Beistmilch T-shirt, Beistmilch swim cap, autographed ClifShot visor by Macca, volunteer t-shirt

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