Sunday, January 25, 2009

IM CDA week 6

Turning 31 tomorrow...!

It's my birthday tomorrow! I am turning 31 and hoping for another good year! 30 was pretty good to me and I have many moments of significance so I am hoping 31 will follow that trend! I guess it's only fitting that I make a top 5 birthday wish list and send it out to the stars in the galaxy!

Here it goes...
I wish that the world was a more peaceful place! Truly!
I wish that people would utilize and show their compassionate side for others more often.
I wish that collecting cans and bottles to recycle wasn't a necessary form of income for some people. I know there are worse forms of income but this is what I most often see.
I wish for my bank account to show more credits than it does debits..triathlon is an expensive sport!
I wish that my swimming, biking and running will improve tremendously in the very near future!

And to ask, we must thank. So below are my top 5 things I am thankful for at age 30..
I am thankful for my health and the health of those who are close to me.
I am thankful for still being employed and it's a career that I like enough to love.
I am thankful for another year of travels as it always brings another a chapter of education.
I am thankful for crossing my first Ironman finish line...boy was it a journey to get there and get through!
I am thankful for having witnessed history in all that brought Inauguration 2009 what it was!

Highlight of the week was our Annual Louie Bonpua Triathlon at Treasure Island. Louie is a former Ironteamer who passed away from Leukemia about 6 years ago and the Team gets together every year on this weekend to celebrate in his honor. The weather was the best I've seen at Treasure Island during a triathlon! Playing Jerald's hostess of Ironteam Magazine was fun... but we must rehearse next time Jerald! Here's to Louie!

Next week is recovery week- only 9 hours on the training schedule! Woohoo!

Workout Summary-
Swim- 2 hours and 0 minutes
Bike- 8 hours and 10 minutes
Run- 3 hours and 0 minutes
Total Workout- 13 hours and 10 minutes

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