Sunday, January 11, 2009

IM CDA week 4

Sometimes, you try but your heart just isn't in it..

Where do I start.. ah yea.. so Tuesday rolls around and still nothing in the workout log from Chris (coach) so I figured biggie since I know I have to go to CT class anyway in the morning. The only question was whether he was going to have me swim that evening or not. Go to CT class...Tuesday afternoon rolls around and see the week populated in the workout log. At first glance..I just stared at a deep stare into the computer sceen thinking, "Seriously?" The week total was 16 hour and 45 minutes..mind you we're in week 4! Saturday said 6 hour ride/80 miles and Sunday was something like 4000 yard swim, 35 mile bike and 1.5 hour run/12 miles. It's cute that he thinks I can run 12 miles in 1.5 hours haha..I can't. So..I sat there looking at the sceen..after a few more minutes of that..I emailed Chris asking some clarifying questions only to find that he hadn't updated MY specific log yet haha. Actual week was 14 hours or so.. phew! Maybe he did that on purpose to make me feel a lot better about the 14 hours than I did about the 16 hours. Anyway, it worked!

Training is going well...I am feeling stronger..shoulder is holding up..feeling motivated. Afterall, it's the only time I will out run and out bike my friend Caesar! We're both doing heart rate focused workouts which allows me to run faster and bike faster than he does haha..this is the only time it will ever happen and I am having fun with it!

So, eventhough I am being coached by Chris, I am still a part of Team In Training's Ironteam. It was announced that two of our coaches, including our Head Coach was stepping down from their positions and leaving the team. Alex, I get it, he is getting married to my dearest Heidi, fine. But Wayne is the person I am having a tough time understanding. Actually, I am having a tough time with both but probably more so with Wayne. Only because he is a big reason as to why I came back to the get the Wayne experience/influence. I was also diappointed with the way it was delivered to the Staff and team. The only thing I can come to for both Alex and Wayne and others that have dropped from the team is that, sometimes, when your heart isn't in it, it just isn't in it. And I guess that isn't something you can help!

Workout Summary-
Swim- 3 hours and 35 minutes
Bike- 6 hours and 45 minutes
Run- 3 hours and 15 minutes
Total workout- 13 hours and 29 minutes

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