Sunday, January 18, 2009

IM CDA- week 5!

Rest day couldn't have come at a better time!

I sit here blogging from my new little friend known as the MacBook Pro! My Dell laptop of 6 years is living it's last days and with Stanford having a clearance on it's previous generation MacBook Pro's, I couldn't resist and picked one up for $1199 thanks to my friend Deb who works at Stanford University! $1199! A steal, I think! I love everything about it so far..I am sold..I am converted! And personally, I like the matte screen of the previous generation ones better than the glossy of the current generation! 

So, I am not sure what goes on with Joel at Breakaway (where CT class takes place) but he surprises us with something new every week. Three weeks ago, he rearranged the trainers and they all look closer together and angled weirdly not to mention. Two weeks ago, he put up these security straps..the ones they have at the airport to control the lines..I mean talk about a hazard! And then this past week, he rearranged the computer screens in the CT area. It looks like a mission control area.. I mean put in a drum set and we can have Rock Band going! I wonder what he has in store for us next! I hope the rumor about putting a wall up is a myth! I mean, how are we going to breathe?!

Training this week was a little tough. I haven't had a rest day since the 5th which my body hasn't experienced before and so this past weekend, I was starting to feel more fatigue than usual. Saturday, a bunch of Chris' athletes met at IVC for a beautiful sunny morning swim. Chris was 15 minutes late which is not like him..he blames it on the 15 minute differential of being in shape and not in shape as he arrived on bike! Most memorable moment from the pool? Chris yelling at me to, "Go go go! Yi go! There's no resting at the pool today!" Haha...I said, "Okay.. okay as I am giggling." After pool workout, we all embarked on our bike ride for the day. Ted and I had to ride four hours and with our heart rate zones we were able to go at the same pace. Along the way, he picked up a new friend named Eddie who tagged on. Another nice, sunny and warm day our here in the Bay Area. The tan lines I had worked so hard to get rid of while I was in Thailand are all back.. 

So after the 4 hour bike, I was feeling really exhausted, my nose was stuffy and I couldn't stop sneezing. I took some sudafed and went to bed! Woke up Sunday morning..did my easy spin on the bike but couldn't commit to the 80 minute run that Chris wanted me to do. As I was running along Crissy Field, I didn't feel well and I almost got run over by another runner with long hair who looked like he was on a mission to kill behind his sunglasses. I literally had to hop on the grass to avoid him. I figured I had more to lose if I played chicken with him. Anyway, feeling sick, I went home..napped for a few up..and gave it another go. 80 minutes at the museum track in Golden Gate Park as the sun was setting isn't bad at all! If I wasn't training under Chris, I would have just skipped the run altogether but I didn't think telling Chris that I didn't do the run because I felt really exhausted would have gone over really well...I mean..I think that was the purpose of the long push through the fatigue!

Tomorrow is my long awaited rest day and it couldn't have come in a more timely manner! Massage is on deck for tomorrow! Oh, it's going to hurt!

Workout summary-
Swim- 3 hours and 20 minutes
Bike- 8 hours and 8 minutes
Run- 3 hours and 20 minutes
Total workout- 14 hours and 48 minutes

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