Sunday, February 1, 2009

IM CDA week 7

Milking recovery week for all it's worth!

This week was recovery week which meant only one workout a day and shorter workouts during the weekend. My week went something like this...

Monday- I turned 31..took the day off work..went for my short 45 minute swim..took the camera over the GGB and snapped away!

Tuesday...went to M2 spin for the first time since October of last year. Boy, was it different! I've gotten used to Chris' 90 minute classes so the 60 minutes at M2 felt really short even though I spun 15 extra minutes to make up some time. 

Wednesday...went to see Dr. Rabbetz of Chiro Medical for my inner right shin. There was a bit of bruising and I wanted to see if it was external bruising or internal. It turned out to be internal, which is what I thought. Squirmed like crazy on the treatment table...has my pain threshold gone down? I walked into Dr. Rabbetz' office with my Uggs on and he responds with, "I can't win with you. In the Summer, you're in flip flops. In the Winter, you're in Uggs. Where is the support?" I giggled..what can I say? It's cold out!! We narrowed the problem to my shoes. I switched to wide width on my Saucony Hurricanes and while I haven't been getting blisters since, it's too wide for me and allowing my big toe to turn inward causing tendon inflamation..something like that. So back to the regular width I go!

Had a great master's swim in the evening!

Thursday..spin class at the bay club...I am seriously thinking about ending my membership to the Bay Club.. we'll see!!

Friday- I ran in the morning..TGIF!

Saturday- Bonded with my TT bike which I am thinking of renaming it- Chase. Don't ask, that name was just stuck in my mind through my ride on the TT. Kara and I went on a three hour ride. Started in beautiful sunny Fairfax out pass Pt. Reyes Station and turned around just when we hit Inverness and back. Saw a bunch of people out riding on thie beautiful sunny day! We had many "good morning" greetings and also saw many strange things out on the bike. One that stood out... actual neon green knit leg warmers worn while riding. Um....? Got home..passed out for an impromptu 5 hour nap followed by 8 hours of sleep!

Sunday- Another beautiful day! Felt great from all the rest I got yesterday. Had a great run..partly trail..partly crashed the Kaiser Half Marathon..bought a homeless man breakfast..a beautiful morning! Weighed myself..dropped 4.5 pounds since training started! Hope that's a good thing..have to ask coach about that one!

R.I.P.- Jesse Leon. A friend from UC Santa Cruz who passed away from a car crash on Highway 17. Drive safe out there everyone!

Workout Summary-
Swim- 1 hour and 45 minutes
Bike- 5 hours and 45 minutes
Run- 2 hours and 0 minutes
Total workout- 9 hours and 30 minutes

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