Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ironteam 2009- Now Recruiting!!

I attempted to go to M2 Tuesday morning but the morning went something like this..I turned the alarm up and brushed my my clothes together..and then went back to bed. Evening came along and Heidi asked me if I would go to the evening class. I told her not likely but I got out of work at 6pm and said if I find parking, I will go. I found parking and popped into M2 spin...had a great focused class..compliments from M2 and it was one of the best workouts I've had in the last few months!

Saturday was Ironteam's end of season BBQ at Liz's house and a fun evening it was! I missed the team dearly and finally had a chance to see them!

Sunday morning, it was more Ironteam with mentor/captain training. Coach Wayne talked to us extensively about his vision and expectations of the season and I have to say that I am excited about the upcoming season! I loved last season and all my teammates and coaches but the season fell through the cracks in my eyes so I am really looking forward to helping improve Ironteam and what it's all about!!

So..we are now recruiting! If you want a life changing experience, push yourself to ultimate physical and mental limits, applications are out! Is it a long season? Yes. Is it hard? Heck yeah! It's's meant to be hard. Is it a lot of sacrifice? Yes, but the way I see it is, it's 9 months of training. You'll go on to live 80 years..9 months out of 80 years really isn't that much of a sacrifice considering what you'll get in's well worth it. The moment you cross that finish line is something no one will ever be able to take away from you!

Below is a link to all the upcoming information meetings-

I will be staffing the San Francisco ones so come out and get active..get involved..go big and sign up! Or just listen and consider!

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