Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Sundays Have To Stop!

Yes, lazy Sundays do have to stop!

Two Sundays in a row's da
y in my PJs. While I had an uneventful lazy Sunday, I had a very productive Saturday cheering on friends at tha Pacific Grove Triathlon!

Kara and I headed down to Pacific Grove on Friday afternoon. After a 2.5 hour drive, we checked into our cute little B&B then went down to Lover's Point for a practice swim which I was happy to be a supporter at. Kara tried to get me to swim with her but knowing how cold that water thank you! I'll take pictures!

Saturday was a full day of spectating! Weather was breezy overcast which
is great for racing but kinda nippy if you're spectating.
I went with Kara early in the morning to start my supportive spectator role. Cheered on the Zoom Team, as well as, the TNT folks granted I hardly knew any of them. I made sure to cheer for anyone who seemed like they were struggling and needed some encouragement! I remember my first triathlon, I remember what it was like! One thing I couldn't get over was how people were on the side of the road fixing their flat tires when they hadn't even started their ride yet! Everytime I looked, there was one or three guys fixing their flat. One guy was going about it completely wrong, but race rules, you can't help so I looked on wishing I could help the poor guy. Not that I am an expert in flat tire changes but I would have told him that you don't disassemble the entire rim, tire and tube. Anyway, it was a good day for Kara and the Zoom Team and a fun day for me! Got home..went to bed at 8pm..spectating is exhausting!

This coming week is a new week and I shall attempt to start my off season training!
Afterall, I am off to Kona, HI in less than one month where I am hoping to even out the tan lines!

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