Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy Sundays Have Stopped!

I started to get back into workouts this week. Nothing big..just little stuff to maintain some fitness. Went to Dailey Method for the first time in months and oh my did it kick my @ss! I went on Monday and by Tuesday morning, I couldn't laugh without soreness in the abs, shoulders, arms, you name it! I couldn't laugh without feeling sore or turn without feeling sore for that matter. Planks, thigh work, ab work, arms, butt, it kicked my butt!

So my last two Sundays since Ironman have gone something like this...wake email.. day in my pajamas! All of that came to a stop this Sunday as I actually got up..out of bed and out of my PJs and did stuff.

I've started an addiction with the Gossip Girls series! Netflix is my friend in catching up with the first season. Grey's Anatomy is coming back shortly. AND the opening of the California Academy of Sciences is in T-minus 6 days! I took Red out for a walk today and walked down to the park, to the Music Concourse and took a sneak peak at the Academy building. As I was walking Red, this senior citizen man said, "Your dog should be in a Disney's so cute." That's Red! She's cute!

I think by next week, I'll be ready to get back on my bike! Well, take my new bike out for a ride!

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