Sunday, October 5, 2008

TT Bike feels nice!

Nothing like a lovely girls night out! Just got back from a belated birthday dinner of a very good friend of mine at Farina. Homemade pasta anyone?!

So this morning..I am laying in bed wishing and hoping that Caesar would over sleep and forget about our morning ride! Days before, we had planned to take our bikes to Canada Road so I can start putting some saddle time on my new TT bike or tri bike! buzzes..Caesar did not over fact he was going to be on his way. Out on Canada Road..I bonded with my new Cervelo P2C! I felt the difference of an all carbon frame and the aero-dynamics of a tri bike immediately. I felt like I was getting speed without was awesome! I nearly took out a squirrel but the squirrel had second thoughts about crossing the road so it lives another day..thank goodness!

T- minus 3 days before I head to Kona to even out some tan lines that I've accumulated over the tri season and IM day. Kara and I are ready to cheer on the racers and take in some much needed vacation time!

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