Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rest month...

Has come and gone..

I took the entire month of September off.. conversation with coach went something like this..

Coach, "You should take 2-3 weeks off post Canada."

Me, "I am taking the month of September off.. :-)!"

So September is over and here is October.. where did this year go? September has been difficult in many ways.. aches and pains lasted so much longer post IM. There would be times when my back would freeze up while sitting at work and oh.. major ouch! Last thing to go from Canada? My pinky toe nail.. good bye! I am once again reminded how much of a toll IM really takes on you.. mentally.. physically.. all of it! Maybe it's because I did two this year?

Which brings me to next year.. I have IM CdA on my schedule.. it will be a do- over from the year prior.. my reward for doing the goal time I have in mind?! If I achieve my goal time.. there will be a huge incentive (in my opinion) reward at the end. It's an idea I decided upon earlier this year.. I don't want to say what it is as I don't want to jinx it. I've jinxed too many things already this year so mum is the word. It's likely that CdA will probably be cold.. raining cats & dogs because that's what I seem to bring with me at races.. yes sometimes I believe my karma over powers the 2200 others that are out there ha ha! But maybe my luck will change next year.. doesn't hurt to hope! Some won't see my reward as an incentive but I do! I'll announce what it is on June 27th, 2011!

So.. I guess I better get my butt off the couch,,, dig up motivation from somewhere and start base training for 2011!

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