Tuesday, August 31, 2010

IM Canada 2010 Race Report

O' Canada..

I will start by saying this.. if you want to have good weather at your IM race.. don't sign up for the same one that I do! I've come to terms that every race I decide to do.. weather is just going to be crap!

Swim- 1:33:1 7 (PR'd by 20 minutes CDA) - wowsers.. how the heck did I swim a 1:33?! I know every one else had a fast swim as well by 10 minutes or so but I took 20 off!! Stoked! I started sorted of back of the pack just to the right side of the buoys. I waited with J.Eddy how about 30 seconds before diving on the swim. I knew there were 27 buoys I had to get through so that helped to know, for me anyway. My swim went pretty smoothly.. Tricia has been drilling in my head "right hand at 2 o'clock" and utilized Coach's method of looking ahead to get the full pull of my left arm stroke! Didn't really have any struggles despite having people around me throughout the swim (not used to that!) ..there were times when I was caught btwn aggressive guys but I sped up to get pass.. the clouds hid the sun so that helped tons as I can see point to point! I swum until I can scoop sand with my hand so limit the amount of walking in the water I had to do to get to the timing mat..jogged up timing mat.. looked at the clock.. sweet!!! Overall, I was more than happy with my swim time especially when coach hardly had me swimming between St. George and now.. my focus was on bike and run.

T1- 7:03 - tons of people in the tent.. i didn't get a volunteer helper :-(

Bike- 7:37:38 (PR by 2 minutes CDA) - My HR was in Z4 or Z4+ up until the right turn at the Shell Station at Oosoyoos. I tried to calm myself to get my HR down but it seemed like the only way my HR would go down is if I just stop and Coach said no stopping so I kept going. Bike was good up until the out and back portion where the winds kicked up headed back from the out and back. That didn't bring my spirited down though..I was still focused moving along... AND then the monsoon came with heavy big rain drops and wind gusts..and I thought to myself, "are you kidding me?! seriously?!?!" Monsoon lasted up Yellow Lake.. and beyond...temps dropped and it was starting to get mentally tough especially when I was feeling my right knee flare up. My back was locking up as well.. bummer but hey.. I swum a 1:33!! My HR dropped into Z2 when the strongest of wind gusts hit for a bit but was able to eventually get it back up into Z3. Got through the bike the best I could. The descends down Yellow Lake were awesome! I max'd out at 45 mph and at that point, I stopped looking at my speed because I didn't want to get scared and slow down. Got back into town with a massive head wind welcoming me back! I couldn't have possibly expect fair conditions, can I?

T2- 6:55 - I got helper this time but I have to admit.. the winds were blowing the tents back and forth. I was a bit hesitant to go out on the run!!

Run- 5:39:41 (PR by 25 minutes IM St. George) Got started on the run and just tried to stay in the moment and focus looking for that next mile marker. While I tried to stay focus, I was really thinking, "I hope I'm not doing permanent damage to my knee.. I hope I'm not doing permanent damage to my knee!" My focus was getting to the halfway point for my special needs.. I needed that tylenol in there! Mid-way through the run, upset stomach hit..went on pepsi and water.. tried the chicken broth but stomach didn't like that so back to pepsi and water. I made more potty stops than I would have liked with upset stomach on this run. At mile 24.5.. while every one was running towards the finish.. I was running towards the potty! Sucked!! The positive thing about this run though.. I stayed focus during the 2nd half of the marathon (where walking usually happens). I have to be happy about that!

Overall- 15:04:23 (PR by 1 hr and 5 minutes CDA 2009). Upset stomach cost me the sub 15 :-(. I PR'd but I would have liked to PR'd some more!!

2010 triathlon season ends for me here! It was an action packed year starting with Oceanside in March, IM St. George in May and now IM Canada. I was doubtful that I can do two IM's.. I barely finished my 1st one back in 2008 (not personally coached) but my coach said I could do it so I went with it!

Between St. George and Canada, which one do I like better? I'd come back to both but I have to say that St. George holds a special place. And I can sum up the reason with this, at the event merchandise tent, Ironman Queen, Paula Newby Frasier asked my friend Raf if he did St. George as he was wearing his finisher shirt. He said, "Yes." Paula then said, "I'm impressed.. that's the real Ironman!" Not to take away from other Ironman races or it's difficulty level but I feel like SG makes you gut it out like no other!

Looking to 2011- IM CdA! That's right, just 1 for me next year!

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