Thursday, October 14, 2010

to Northface or not to Northface

That is the question..

And I have a feeling that might be a question in my head for awhile.. maybe even until race day! Ha ha. And the North Face I am speaking of the is Northface Challenge 50K trail run. My coach says it will help keep me focused... except I am not sure that I am ready to get and be focused.. I know that when I am ready.. I will have to stay on the focus train until the end of June! My alpha female buddies are asking why I would want to do that as they don't see the benefit ... and I can see their point too. Mike seems to think that I can do it but he thinks I can do anything so kind of biased there. It's 7-8 weeks away.. I've ran an hour at the most.. my heart rate would make anyone's eyeballs go big...but I guess it comes down to what I want to do... which is sleep these days!

As of today.. I think I want to just be there and support Mike as he is going to do the event! If it changes tomorrow.. I will let you know!

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