Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IM Utah 2010- Day 1

Destination: SFO -> SGU

I left SFO this morning at 6:08am to Salt Lake City connecting to St. George, Utah via little propeller plane. Two more minutes in that thing and I would have puked for sure!

Landed.. waited for my bag at baggage claim... met a new friend name Paul at baggage claim. Paul and I decided to share a cab to downtown. We grabbed our grabs that were dropped off by hand on the baggage slide and walked outside thinking there would be a few cabs waiting. Nope, that the case. Called all the airport extensions for cabs.. no answer. Called from my cell phone.. bingo! Cab driver asked me if I was one of those crazy people that swim 2.4, bike 112 and run 26.2. He couldn't grasped the idea that there could be THAT many crazies in one vicinity! Oh St. George, you just wait! Got to our IM home... sweetness!!

Waited for Ariane here at the Mansion... went to check in.. Bib # 176. Went to Albertson's thinking we can get deli sandwiches.. wrong.. we picked up a roll.. was handed some turkey meat and a packet of mustard to make our own sandwich... weird! Drove bike course shortly after.

BIke course thoughts... this isn't too bad. The course profile on paper looks big and steep but driving it, it's all gradual but if it was windy like today, holy mother of uh oh will occur!! Today, we saw tumbleweeds blowing across the roads along with cute little and big cows crossing the road.

Tomorrow... a little swim.. a little bike and a little run. Hydrate hydrate hydrate and drive the run course before packing the bags!

Stay tuned..

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