Friday, April 30, 2010

IM Utah 2010- Day 3

Day 3...the day before race day!

After a good night's sleep... breakfast... did a little 15 minute bike followed by a 10 minute jog... packed my T1 and T2 bags and off to bike drop off I went! Boy was it windy at T1... hope it's not like that at all tomorrow..

Oooh forgot to mention.. last night was also the Athlete Meeting. Mike Reilly was throwing out stats and splits.. largest field is M40-44 at 19% ... one of the larger women fields in IM at 22%... which means for every woman, there is a 40-44 man.

Last night was the athlete meeting and today was our coach's meeting. Coach rode the bike course in the morning... came back and said.. "well... tomorrow is not about racing.. tomorrow is about survival.. there will be no racing until the 2nd loop of the bike course!" No exaggeration... it's THAT windy here especially in the valley! Heart rate 150-160 are going to be my magic numbers.. 155 is the sweet spot for the day tomorrow and after what happened at IM CDA last June, I have a spare heart rate monitor in my T1 bag!

Had an early dinner here with the gang at 4:30pm.. and another little dinner about three hours later but not before I received a care package from Mike~ chocolate covered strawberries and happy face sugar cookies ~ sweetness!

Until tomorrow folks! Wish me luck!

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