Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oceanside Countdown...

3 weeks an a few days..

Just enjoyed a long weekend getaway to Puerto Vallarta! I highly recommend it!!

Photo: Los Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Anyway, as I was saying.. 3 weeks and some... Oceanside 70.3 will be here! I started my season last year with Oceanside and absolutely loved the race. I was very close to not starting the race last year because of an open water scare I had the week prior at a training weekend (allergic reaction to something that was in the lake water). I remember getting to the start line and thinking.. "i can't do this!" And then I thought, "Sh*t my coach is here.. I have to do this!" I laugh about that now but I should probably get in open water before my race just to get acclimated to the water temps!

Training lately has been getting better and better. My body has forgotten how to swim but my cycling and running is beginning to come around. The biggest difference I am currently feeling is in my runs. Last year, I was barely able to hit my z3 heart rate zone during my run sessions. Lately, it's been pretty attainable! Doing them on a treadmill helps me tremendously! Too bad I didn't discover this last season but better late than never!

I've been feeling better with my cycling but this morning's pain cave session would not support that! Coach gave us 6 x 5' at about 125% of our T1 effort- OUCH!! I was barely able to hold on, probably from my run efforts lately. Anyway, the funny thing about class this morning, after the 5th interval, I was excused to go pay the meters while others still kept on. I never got off my bike so quickly- don't have to tell me twice- my quads would not fire- painful! Odd thing is that my run off the bike felt pretty strong- I'll take it!!

I heard a funny quote today from my friend Julia, "If your relationship still works, you could train harder." This made me laugh. Lucky for me.. I have a partner that drags me out the door to do my training and he even does them with.. even though I know it's painfully slow for him sometimes!

So bike is coming around.. run is feeling pretty good.. now waiting for my swim to make it's appearance!

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