Monday, March 8, 2010

How does one displace a rib?

No idea but that's what I did.. apparently...

So the past week, I’ve been feeling this BIG knot in my back muscle. It never went away like I thought it would and it bugged me to the point where breathing while cycling was tough which made for the 4+ hours that I was out there on Saturday a bit difficult. It was a beautiful day nonetheless so the weather didn’t make it seem too bad and plus I had the company of Raf and Mary which made time pass by that much more pleasantly. I had my long awaited massage appointment with my magician of a masseuse, P.Whiting, on Sunday and the first thing I told him about was my back muscle. I was looking forward to him using his magic hands to make it go away. I came away learning that I actually displaced one of my ribs!! Go figure?! I’ve never done that before hence the pain I was feeling was foreign to me but being like most other athletes in training.. it much be a sore muscle!

Lesson for the week- time to see my masseuse more regularly- hopefully every other week and if I can fit in an ice bath beforehand.. all the better! Getting beat up on the table this past Sunday wasn’t very enjoyable- progressive but painful!! I was actually gripping onto the sheets underneath the massage table .. more frequent visits should mean less gripping!!


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