Sunday, May 31, 2009

IM CDA week 24

Much needed recovery week!

So my big Monday workout wasn't too bad afterall! I started from Mike's Bikes in Sausalito at 5:30am..felt really tired from a big week of training and actually thought about turning around about halfway to the pool when I heard a voice say, "Now there's someone I'm happy/proud to see." I wasn't sure which word was used..I could have been way off but I turned and it was coach. "Hi Chris..." I said. Followed by, "my legs are tired! yesterday was brutal!" "What was yesterday?" He asked. "You had me do a 2hr15min run!" He says,"Oh..yeah. Well how else are we going to simulate the 10th hour of an Ironman?" And then I thought....oh that's what we were doing? I was supposed to feel like crap! Makes sense now :-). After a few minutes of riding with me and chatting, he went ahead to the pool. I would see him there later for a swim before riding back. Day turned out to be a good workout- felt quite accomplished by the time I got back to my car! Ted, Caesar and I are still wondering how I beat them back to my car! I think they took a lunch break somewhere..they think I took a shortcut. Apparently, I had passed them as they stopped at a liquor store for satisfy Ted's craving for pringles..?

Left hip started acting up this week and luckily, Dr. Rabbetz squeezed me in Friday afternoon. He came in with a BIG graston in one hand and ointment in the other and said, "This is not going to be like our manwich swim this morning. Think of it as being on the opposite spectrum." Oh, I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe! He must have read my FB status about being stuck in between two very competitive guys in the pool that morning! It felt like a tidal wave everytime the manwich came by! 

Had a pretty good weekend! Between Dr. Rabbetz and my massage, hip is feeling good! Saturday, went on a 3 hour social ride (no focus on heart rate) and then Sunday, swum 4700 yards and an hour run down at Crissy Field. Saw Deb, Susan and Moser as I pulled into the lot so ran with them for part of my run and then ran with Kara for the other part- good recovery weekend!

Congrats to friends who raced Hawaii 70.3 especially to Coach who won his AG by 18 minutes and with that, a slot to Kona! T- minus 20 days for CDA! LT testing again this Tuesday! Wish me luck!!

Workout Summary-
Swim- 4 hours and 36 minutes
Bike- 9 hours and 47 minutes
Run- 1 hour and 50 minutes
Total workout- 16 hours and 13 minutes

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