Sunday, May 17, 2009

IM CDA week 22- It's money time!

The longest. training. week. ever!

It's money time says coach!

As I sit here after 20+ hours of training combined with a hectic week at work, I am feeling a bit...tired!

Monday- 2 hours easy spin on bike.

Tuesday- CT class!

Wednesday- Hill repeats on Hyde Street chasing cable cars up the hill on a beautiful sunny morning! Followed by 3700 yard swim.

Thursday- CT class that nearly kicked my @ss

Friday- 3000 yard swim

Saturday- 1 mile open water swim at Spring Lake followed by 5 hours on the saddle riding the Vineman course and then some with Kara and Michela. That evening, had dinner with Kara, Brian and Whit who was in town for Bay to Breakers. Brian points to Kara and I, "I am so mad at the both of you!" Looks at me and says, "You didn't warn me about yesterday's class!" Usually, if we had a really tough CT class on Thursday, I'll IM Brian in the office and warn him about it since he is in class on Friday. I didn't do that this week..opps! Sorry!!

Sunday- 5 hours on the saddle again plus an hour run! 

For Sunday's ride, I was joined my Mary, Ben and Steve. I was Ben & Steve's mentor for one of the TNT seasons and it was a delight to have them on the ride with us! Ben's reaction after ride taken from Facebook- "Steve and I agreed that 4 hours is just about as much biking as we feel is necessary at a tme. I'm sore in places I didn't even know I could be sore and I didn't even do the ride yesterday or the run today. I have new respect for you Yi." Come on, guys. It wasn't that bad! Looking forward to the next time!! 

I think it's safe to say that Chase (TT bike) and I had a bonding weekend! Now, all we have to do is fix some ongoing saddle issues I've been having with my Specialized Tri Tip. May need to put the Terry Zero back on there is situation does not improve by Tuesday. I shifted my rear bottle cages in the back for more clearance room so we'll see if that does anything. I am thinking not but we'll see! If anyone has any suggestions for a saddle that is kind to the ladies, I'm all ears!

Workout Summary-
Swim- 3 hours and 1 minute
Bike- 14 hours and 53 minutes
Run- 2 hours and 20 minutes
Total workout- 20 hours and 14 minutes

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