Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mission Cheese At Last!

Mission Cheese Accomplished

Many moons ago, my colleague/friend, (also one of the raddest chicks I know) decided to drop her career in fashion merchandising to become... drumroll please... a cheesemonger! Sarah's decision came after a two + week stint in the countries of France and England romancing every cheese farm she can map her way to. She will tell you that her decision came a long time ago after another thankless day in corporate America but I assure you the thankless part was not contributed by me..I provided thanks! Perhaps I even contributed a laughter or two but I probably could have thanked her a little more :-).

Leaving the corporate doors as a salaried employee for the last time, she embarked on a road trip cross America knocking on the doors of cheese farms and picking the brains of cheese farmers. She secured the perfect spot for her passion with a lease in the Mission district, thus Mission Cheese was born.

Actually, a lot more happened in between all that but I won't bore you with the details. However, I will point out that weeks before opening day, MC was greeted with costing challenges but nothing that an IndiGoGo (see photo with names of some of the many supporters) campaign couldn't solve! Thanks to Sarah's undeniable passion for cheese and a community willing to help, MC was able to raise more than what was needed and thus open it's doors on the planned opening day.

It was so nice to catch up with friends and colleagues, old and new. I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all and that we will be back! This past Wednesday was my first visit there and I brought a few friends along with me to share in the experience. Those of you that missed it.. no worries.. I will host another happy hour shortly!

When I have a moment to think and reflect, I am surrounded by people who are doing amazing things everyday. There is my friend Neal whose Three Twins Ice Cream business has grown enough to warrant it's own factory. We have my former joint at the hip colleague of a Cheesemonger in Sarah. Another former colleague/ coffee buddy, Jeff just quit his job and is embarking on a trip across America on a motorcycle. I must mention that he is also a stand up comedian- no really- see! However, I am most proud of Jeff for often being a top runner at the Annual Hunky Jesus Competition in San Francisco. A handful of my friends have moved away recently whether to continue their careers in another country or to start another career in the form of medical school. Dana.. I am thinking of you and Sam as the two of you are in the middle of your TransRockies Run (crazy)! I have friends that inspire me with their strength and outlook in approaching everyday life. No worries, I am in no way feeling like a failure next to these fearless kids, instead I feel lucky to call them my friends as they continue to inspire me with their passion for life.

To inspire and be inspired.

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