Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 40- 07.7.08- 07.13.08

Holding on by a string..

That's right...I'm holding on by a string as far as training is concerned. I took it light this week..very light to try to recover the beating that I feel like my body has been taking since our Clearlake training weekend. Race phase is known as sexy phase of training..well I'm wearing a heart rate monitor to sleep these days to track my morning resting heart rate- how sexy is that? Argh!

The team went up to the site of Vineman on Saturday to swim the Russian river and bike the course. The water was 80 degrees it was like bath water! I went in with my Blue Seventy Swimskin
The sleek suit is not a wetsuit but a swimskin made for non-wetsuit open water swims. I need all the help I can get in the swim hence my splurge on what I call a luxury item. I love the Vineman swim because A. you don't have to sight's a narrow river. B. It's warm. C. You can stand up and walk the swim if you wanted to! I stopped to rub the fog out of my goggles..I attempted to tread water only to find that I can just stand up. I turned around and saw Elaine standing up as well..we waved and carried on. It was fun! The team set out on their 70 miler on the bike as myself, Heidi, Alex and Renee set out for our 40 miler as Renee and I felt the need for more recovery. After the bike ride, I 40 miles suppose to feel that hard? Uh oh! Back at the parking lot, we saw Coach Rand (Spr '07 Asst. Coach of SF Tri Team and current Redwood Wine Country Ironteam Head Coach) and had a great conversation with him. Walking away, I thought, maybe there is hope after all and it lightened up my "holding on by a string" feeling.

Sunday, the team visited the resting place of the spirit behind Ironteam- Louie Bonpua.

The team gathered at an elementary school in Los Altos to make the short journey up to Louie's resting place. Teammates shared stories of inspiration about Louie, loved ones affected by cancer and just hardships that they've faced. We hardly have moments like these and so I was extremely grateful as it came in a timely matter. I needed that inspirational lift and that reminder that I wanted to do this not only to support and honor my loved ones and friends who have been affected by cancer but also to make a positive difference for the future. Speaking of which- opportune time for a fundraising plug. Please support me and help make the future a better place by visiting my fundraising website- Donate here! Or at least check out the updated slideshow complete with soundtrack!

I received my mental all I need if my physical lift to come through...come on mojo..come back!

Hez and for old times! Hez will be racing Ironman Lake Placid next Sunday! Today was also her send off. Best of luck!Coach Alex tells us his story of Louie's spirit!
Go Team for Louie!
Yay! Our tri tops finally arrived! I will be debuting it on Sunday at Vineman 70.3 a.k.a Yi's very long workout day.
Thanks for tuning in this week!

Workout Summary-
Swim- 1 hour and 20 minutes

Bike- 2 hours and 37
Run - 0 hours and 45 minutes
Total Workout- 4 hours and 42 minutes

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