Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week 29- 04.21.08- 04.27.08

First and foremost..congrats to teammate Rich Fox and his family on their new baby! Rich is convinced that every mother out there did their Ironman when they gave birth! Congrats to Christophe for a sub 13 IM Arizona my friend Tyler who finished Boston in 2 hours 58 minutes..had he cut 8 minutes out of his time..he could have finished with Lance Armstrong!

It's Tuesday morning at M2's ( Michael McCormack) spin studio..I am's crunch time at work..but I get myself there anyway and the first face I see is M2's sleepy one as I parked right behind him. Judy, Kamal and Renee showed up as well. Being in M2's class for awhile..he is beginning to know me all too well. Five minutes until class was going to end..I was ready to call it a morning as I was thinking about all the work stuff I had to do once I get into the office...I was about to unclip when M2 said .."stay seated on the saddle Yi...we're going to be 3 by 90 seconds..high cadence." I did he know I was going to get up? Man!

Friday AM was another peel myself out of bed to hit the pool morning! Once I got felt pretty great! Something about a good long swim to think through things and clear the mind!

Saturday..Ironteam met at Sports Basement for a little triple brick..spin 15 45 minutes..3 times! That was followed by a Congrats Potluck for one of our honorees Christophe Job who finished Ironman Arizona in sub 13 hours! We were also joined by Laura who updated us on her progress. The workout started with a story from Mike Kyle- about his brother who lost his battle with cancer. It was a great reminder to us that what we are doing really counts! Whether the research that LLS does saves a life or whether it prolongs one so that life can do all that she/he always wanted to do..we're helping to make it happen!

Sunday..I met up with our training captains at Canada Road..they were embarking on a 73 mile ride..I was to go out for 90 minutes since Wildflower is coming up! I went out with them but turned off at Sandhill Road and did the Whiskey loop..and just like Elaine said..timing worked out perfectly! It was another beautiful training morning here in the SF Bay!

I head down to Wildflower on Friday! It should be another fun weekend with the folks and a really hard workout on Saturday a.k.a. Wildflower Long Course. John asked Caesar if he was going and Caesar had the most classic of responses, "Hell no..I don't ever want to do that sh*t again." Sh*t= Wildflower Long Course. Stay tuned for next weekend as I should have many pictures from Wildflower!

Workout Summary-
Swim- 1 hour and 8 minutes
Bike- 3 hours and 36 minutes
Run- 3 hours and 7 minutes
Core Strength- 0 hours and 15 minutes
Total Workout- 8 minutes and 6 minutes

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