Sunday, March 23, 2008

Week 24- 03.17.08- 03.23.08

So next week is taper week but apparently I started it a week early! This week, I was just bogged down with work (buying Holiday line) and mentally, I just needed a little break from all the training and just everything I am committed to at this point and that held true through the weekend. Gasp! Because I haven't hung out with my Spring team friends in awhile, I volunteered to do water safety for them for their first open water swim! I brought my old mentees Ben and Steve cookies. I've been promising them that I'd bake them some cookies but I don't exactly have a lot of extra time or energy these days so I bought them one..from Arizmendi! They were pleasantly surprised as Ben ate the whole thing as we're walking down to Aquatic Park!! I asked..don't you want something to look forward to after your swim? Sheesh! Doing water safety was a lot of fun..except the part when Todd Elliot swum right into the surfboard that I was on! The best question of the day from the 1st timers had to have been, "Are there sharks in here?"

Sunday...Mary and I had such good intentions! Original plan was to meet at Mike's Bikes in Sausalito at 7:30am and ride Alpine Dam and up to Mt Tam! Well, we forgot how cold 7:30am can be and so we were poorly under dressed! After making it through the bike path, we stood in the sun for about half an hour waiting for our fingers to defrost. It did but then our toes went bumb so we decided to park ourselves inside Starbucks until it got warm. An hour's time for Mt. Tam but we did Paradise Loop instead via Camino Alto. Lesson learned, layer it up next time!! I guess I can say to myself that I am saving my legs for training weekend this coming weekend at which I will be doing the Wildflower Long Course in it's entirety on Saturyday! I am so royally screwed!

Water safety fun!

This picture was from our bootcamp last Saturday. Lyon Street steps..6 times! 300 steps! At this point, every profanity word you can think of had raced through my head! I did laugh when I heard Pete tell himself, "I'm floating."

Workout Summary-

Swim- 0 hours and 20 minutes

Bike- 2 hours and 53 minutes

Run- 1hour and 27 minutes
Core Strength- 1 hour and 0 minutes

Total Workout- 5 hours and 40 minutes

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