Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 23- 03.10.08- 03.16.08

So on Tuesday in M2 spin, we had us to 2- 10 minute time trials to measure our benchmark wattage outputs. The first time I did this was last year. I struggled to maintain 120 watts! This time around..much better! First ten minute time trial, I averaged midway at 119 watts and increased my average wattage during the second five minutes to end with an average of 127 watts. We got a two minute easy spin before starting our second effort. For the second effort, I averaged half way at 128 watts and ended with an average of 138 watts putting my benchmark at 100% of 140 watts. At 117.5 pounds, not too bad! M2 was pleased with my I was pleased! I remember the first time I took his class...ever...back in January of 07..I struggled to get my watts in the triple digits as he was picking on me the entire time! Now, he does the walk bys during class to peak at my efforts and keeps asking me when I can get up to the 300s...right M2...right! Haha.

This weekend was boot camp training weekend for Ironteam. Yes, my workout time summary will not exactly make sense because of the amount of time we were out there. On Saturday, the morning started at 8am and it didn't end until 4pm. I was prepared to be done by 3pm as stated in numerous emails but we weren't done until 4pm. The idea was to keep us moving and keep us moving they did. The morning started with swimming fun, a ride through a revised Alcatraz Loop which really isn't too bad of a ride at all! My time improved a few minutes from the first time I did it. Then we headed over to the Lyon Street steps where I went up and down the 300 steps about 6 times before I felt my knee feeling weird. We continued with more squats before running back to Sports Basement to our cars. At the end of the day, I am not sure if I was exhausted from the workout itself or was it from just being out.

Sunday...I decided to take a mental health day! I think the steps may have been way too much for my knees and ankles..after all I was injured for most last year! There is a reason that I don't hike :)! My right ankle where I hopped up 300 steps is still way sore than I like it or feel comfortable with..hoping it will subside by morning! I should have some pictures of boot camp for you next week!! Stay tuned!

Workout Summary-
Swim- 0 hours and 55 minutes
Bike- 3 hours and 5 minutes
Run- 3 hours and 33 minutes
Core Strength- 1 hour and 0 minutes
Total Workout Summary- 8 hours and 33 minutes

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