Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 7- 11.19.07- 11.25.07

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! It was a short week in terms of workout time- what can I say? It was a holiday week but I did go out and do a brick workout on my own yesterday! Those who know me well know that I hate riding by myself, especially in the city! I sucked it up yesterday and did it anyway! I nice brick workout which included parts of the Alcatraz bike course and a nice run along the waters of Crissy Field. I haven't been outside riding my bike for awhile (awhile being a week) so being out there was nice! Riding my bike always helps me clear my head. Sometimes running does but biking definitely always does the trick and with the year coming to an end..there is a lot to think about!!

It is Thanksgiving and this year I am most thankful for my wonderful group of friends! I am fortunate to have not just one friend that I can count on but a handful who will lift me up when I am down..shed light when I am confused..give me a motivational push when I am feeling like a slug and laugh with me in all the silliness of life!

Workout summary:
Swim- 0 hours
Bike- 2 hours and 19 minutes
Run- 2 hours and 6 minutes
Core/Stretch- 17 minutes
Total- 4 hours and 42 minutes

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