Thursday, August 1, 2013

Be Kind To Others

I am not sure where kindness in one stems from. Is it genetic? Is it the way we're brought up? Is it from the friends we choose to associate with? Or is it just innate?

I read an article today posted in the NY Times and I couldn't help but think about my two regrets in life that I still think of often. It involved two people that I will never see again and even if I did, I would not recognize them, so let me throw out a few apologies to the universe and make some extra luck will come their way.

First.. to the boy who I went to middle school with who was walking home with his older sister, I am sorry for kind of kicking you in the stomach when the mean girls I was hanging out with at the time decided to pick on you and your sister. Second, to the man at SFO who left your jacket on the luggage cart (Nov 2008) as you drove away, I am sorry I didn't tell you that you left your jacket. I just watched you leave it behind, mainly because I was mad at your for smoking so close to me. To this day, I still feel awful about these two events in my life and for that, I am send my apologies and hope the universe forgives. I am happy to report that as I've become older, I've also become wiser and have the full ability to make my own decisions.. about love, life and friendships.

The article is a bit of a read but well worth it: George Saunders Advice To Graduates.

Be kind to others.

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