Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life Is One BIG Self Learning Book

..or one would hope that it is.

Sunday mornings is always one of the best although Saturday is my favorite day, there is something about Sunday mornings. I've been repeating a song, Amos Lee's "Violin" on the ipod.  I've always loved Amos Lee but not until recently did I discover his song, "Violin" and wow am I in love with that one! It just might knock David Gray's "This Year's Love" as my all time favorite song.. we'll see. It will be a tough task. David Gray has been long standing.

Some of my favorite moments, the ones that will be etched in my memory bank are the long and deep conversations had with close friends. One of the best things in my life is having friends like a particular one I met up with this weekend... with whom I can sit on a curb, under the sun and sipping on chai talking about all things life. This person is currently going through some changes in their personal life and it's a situation that I can completely resonate with. I think people and relationships come and go in your life for a reason.  Whether it'd be a positive or negative experience, as long as you walk away having learned something and have become a better person because of it, then that's all that matters. That person has done their job in your life. Manly times, the good ones stay and the toxic ones make their exit. Those who know me well know that I self reflect a lot and at the end of the day, life is just one big self learning book. At least mine is.

So, cheers to friendships under the sunshine curb!

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