Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 year curse?

The 7 year itch...

Or maybe the 7 year curse? I always thought the number 7 was a lucky number.. aren't the winning jackpot numbers to a slot machine "777"? I bring this up because this year has not gone how I had envisioned it thus far. Most parts of my life seem to be influx at the moment.

Training has been picking up but motivation and eagerness to get out there has been subpar... could be weather related? Could be time to move on to another passion of mine? Not sure. Two other pieces of my life are currently in deciding factor. And at times like this, I am extremely thankful for my family for being my core. You know what they say... home is where the heart is. I don't always show it but I never forget it.

So why 7 years? Well, as I reflect back on my life, the last 6 years has been great! I am crossing every finger and toe that somehow this 7th year will turn itself around. In my heart, I feel that it will, but my mind has always been more impatient than my heart. I've always been fortunate enough to live a "charmed" life where things just work themselves out and work out for "charmed" life.. please don't let me down now!

I think the best thing to do is put my best foot forward and take this current period of my life as a chapter on "faith and patience."

Much love.

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