Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ability To Forget Pain!

Ability to forget pain = multiple Ironman finishes!

I log onto and found a great article that Kevin Mackinnon wrote titled "Ironmanlife: Gotta Love Utah." At first, I am thinking, you've got to be out of your mind! And then I read the article and thought... wow it was a very beautiful course... and then I thought... I really didn't train for Utah or at least not consistently. I got back from Australia in December. Started in January but then was sick in February which made me miss a key block of training in Tucson and then I displaced a rib which kept me from swimming or training hard for a bit. All those thoughts led me to thinking... "hm.. maybe I do see another IM St. George for me in the future...?!" Not next year but maybe in the future...

Article linked is here: Ironmanlife: Gotta Love Utah and my favorite paragraph is pasted below:

Even though they were freezing in the far-below-normal water temperatures at Sand Hollow State Park, I defy any of the athletes who competed at Ford Ironman St. George to try and say that it wasn’t a beautiful spot to start their day. Out on the bike course the scenery continued to astound – again and again you can’t help but be bowled over by the beautiful views. The run was equally as scenic, but by then pretty much everyone in the race was simply hanging on for dear life – as beautiful as the course is, it’s also a tough one. While there are possibly harder Ironman bike courses out there, there isn’t another race in the world that has that hard a bike followed by that hard a run.

Training for IM Canada is starting up.....

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