Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Happens in February?!

Tucson, Arizona for AIMP!

Tucson is the site for the annual AIMP training camp held by coach for his athletes.. also fondly known as... fat camp! Tricia and I flew out Thursday and came back Tuesday 1st thing in the morning. We landed in Tucson, I texted Coach for him to come get us, he pulls up in a Maxima sudan as if he was driving his truck and off to dinner we went after a quick stop at our hotel.

Camp for me was supposed to be a solid block of training to really jump start my training for the 2010 season. Well, my immune system had different plans for that! I started to get a tickle in my throat on Wednesday and by Friday, it was full on sore. I didn't swim at all, didn't run and did minimal cycling per Coach. Although, on Monday, he wanted me to attempt Mt. Lemmon and I was planning on it but morning came and I acquired the cough of death. Lemmon would have to wait another year.

Having missed this solid training block (my 20 hour training week turned into 7), I became a bit nervous for my two upcoming races during this first half of the year. I have Oceanside in 4 weeks and IM Utah to follow after that. My training thus far for this year has been less than ideal because I haven't been able to get myself 100% health wise.I thought a possibility would be to just scratch those two and focus on IM Canada but leave it to Coach to say.. no no.. you're racing.. both of them! He said that I am much more fit than this time last year and that fitness will come back quicker than I thought.. that I'd be surprised. I just have to get myself healthy and stay there! So, that's the plan!

Stay tuned!! Photos from camp coming soon. I may have been down and out in terms of training but my inner photog couldn't stay away!

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