Monday, March 2, 2009

IM CDA week 11

"Put some umph into your pull, Yi!"

Or maybe Coach said, "Put some umph into your stroke, Yi!" I think by umph, he means more strength. Working on it! I was so relieved that weekend IVC swim with Coach didn't turn out to be bootcamp like swim. We didn't do any head up drills (thank goodness) and we didn't do any of those ridiculous "pull ourselves up from the deck that is literally taller then me" drills! It was a rather pleasant swim session, well rain and all. I might have had a breakthrough in my swim stroke this week! Coach gave me a bunch of 50's to do during the week and in doing those 50's, I can tell what I am doing wrong in my stroke and how it feels when I do it right! I think we might be on to something :-). I have to say that I am really enjoying this season so far. The training sessions make sense to me, I am feeling progressive during my trainings week over week. I get LT testing again in two weeks to see that progress in numbers form. Hopefully, we'll see something that means results! 

I have to say, had I known as a kid that triathlons and Ironmans would be my lifestyle and passion as an adult, I would have stuck to swimming from 8th grade on and joined the swim team! Maybe I wouldn't be slower than molasses in the water then?! Oceanside is about 4 weeks away and I am a bit nervous. Actually, a lot nervous but it'll be good to get rid of the race jitters before Ironman CdA. 

Just registered for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon! I had put the race on my 2009 race schedule but wasn't totally sure. All it took was Kara asking, "Wanna go for it?" So we went for it! Kara is registered for both Olympic and Sprint distances. I registered for the Olympic and will be the photographer on Sunday. At $155, it's one of the cheaper races that I've registered for in a long time!

Youtube video of the week-

The Bachelor finale is 15 minutes away...until next week!

Workout Summary-
Swim-3 hours and 26 minutes
Bike- 5 hours and 0 minutes
Run-3 hours and 15 minutes
Total workout- 11 hours and 41 minutes

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