Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've resurfaced!

Back from Thailand!

I am back from Thailand! It was two full weeks in the country of smiles..I avoided the mess in Bangkok with the anti-government protesters shutting down the airports and am back home as planned! Thailand was so much fun! My pictures are posted here with Shutterfly. Below is a photo of me and Lucky, the 1 year old elephant:

So while I was in Thailand, I was thinking about a bunch of things. Being in a country halfway across the world alone means a lot of thinking and reflecting time. One of those thoughts was that I want to be at the start line of Ironman Couer d'Alene next year the best prepared I can be! Having said that, I asked my CompuTrainer spin coach Chris Hauth if he would coach me for CDA and he responded with, "Of course, we already have so much fun in spin." Awesome! I am more excited about the upcoming training season when I already am! It's going to be hard and tough because he is tough but it'll be good for me. I already saw my workouts for the week of the 15th which is my first week with him. My first reaction...whoa..that's a lot of hours! Enjoying my last slacker weekend here... stay tuned to see how my body reacts to my first week of actual IM CDA training!

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