Monday, June 16, 2008

Week 36- 06.09.08- 06.15.08

3/4 to Ironman Training Weekend! 2 mile swim, 90 mile bike and 15 mile run- goal for the weekend accomplished!

Friday afternoon, Heidi and I drove up to Ikea in the Emeryville to meet up with Alex so we can caravan up to Clearlake, Ca for training weekend! I stopped by Jeff's compound to drop off my bike and then headed to the team hotel- the Anchorage Inn. As I drove up, folks from the Eastbay were hanging out by the pool. I joined them in jokes and laughter before heading to dinner.

Sunrise- Saturday AM- view from the hotel-

Saturday morning, we all drove up to Jeff's for our 2 mile swim and 90 mile bike! Swim was nice..water was nice! The bike consisted of 4 parts. A 15 mile loop from Jeff's to the hotel, a 30 mile loop to the East, a 30 mile loop to the West and then the 15 miles back to Jeff's from the hotel. I did relatively well today considering it was 95+ degrees outside! I started the first 15 miles with Hez and then was joined by Jeff, Susan and Marion for he 30 mile loop. At the halfway point, Kristie and I took off..except she left me after about 10-15 minutes and I rode the remainder on my own. I rode the last 15 miles with Caesar, Kristie and Josh after gathering at the water stop. It was a great ride with great support out there thanks to the organization from our coaches and volunteers! I've never seen so many flatten road kill in my life! I even saw freshly dead birds..even one that was on it's back and legs up in the air..just like the cartoons..poor birdie. The ride didn't feel like 90 miles although I was ready to get the ride over with! What happens when heat and excessive sweat mix together? Heat rash! All over my thighs..not very cute!

Pic below- Team gets ready for bike!
After the ride, the team had a gathering for dinner at Jeff's..burgers..chicken..hotdogs..calories! Pic below- Brian all smiles, Mike Kyle, me and Heidi!Later that evening, we all piled into Frostie Freeze for dessert! Team take over at Frostie Freeze!

Sunday morning- got up and ran 15 miles. How my legs did it..I don't have a clue but that was the goal for the day and so my legs did! It was a fun weekend..good times! Team..we will always have the Anchorage Inn!!
As I have a chance to look back on our weekend..I realize we checked off an amazing goal! Congrats to us!

Heidi and I- after my 15 mile run-
Workout Summary-
Swim- 2 hours and 47 minutes

Bike- 7 hours and 8 minutes

Run- 3 hours and 39 minutes

Total workout- 13 hours and 34 minutes

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