Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week 33- 05.19.08- 05.26.08

Race phase is near it's also known as the sexy phase..but I like to call it the "I'm so screwed" phase as the workouts get life is going to get just a little bit more demanding but I am enjoying!

Tuesday- went to a very hard M2 spin session in the morning accompanied by Heidi and then did a 45 minute swim out at Aquatic Park! Waters were a bit rough near the dolphin club..swallowed two big gulps during my time out there and then had a stomach ache for the next two hours at home..not good!

Wednesday- Heidi and I attempted to do the 8 mile Alcatraz run but the heavy wind and construction detour made it quite difficult.

Thursday- Renee and I were supposed to ride the Alcatraz Loop but she called in the morning and kept repeating, "It's windy outside..I was standing outside and it's windy." It was very cute and funny. We didn't go on the ride but took an evening spin session at M2 instead.

Friday- Ran Lake Merced in the morning before work and then did a 3400 yard swim after work in the pool. Ended my workweek with a sports massage session at my beloved Senspa. I told her I had a long ride tomorrow which meant..go easy on the legs!

Saturday- This was some day! Woke up at 5:30am to meet at 8am! A bunch of us girls (Deb, Renee, Hez, Meg, Kara and myself) drove up to the Russian River area known as Wine Country and did a mellow 52 mile loop..Hez, Renee, Deb and myself had to tack on another 23 miles to make it 75! The ride itself was beautiful but the elements (rain, wind and cold) made the ride a bit tough but nothing that us ladies couldn't just sucked being cold..wet!

Below- Hez, Renee, Deb and I..Ironteam 2008!

Below- Kara and I with Meg in the background getting ready to ride!

Below- Kara- "How come you didn't swim yesterday?" I asked. "I was at the pool ready to swim but my swimp3 didn't work." said Kara. Love it!

Below- Hez, Renee, Deb, Kara and myself..missing Meg in this picture..she was taking the picture. "Do you always have to wear that helmet? How do you expect to meet any boys with that dorky helmet on all the time?" asked Kara's mom. Makes me laugh everytime I put my helmet on!

Sunday- Hez and I did the Sawyer Camp Trail..6 miles out...6 miles back.. for a total of 12 miles..a nice run!
A great week of workouts..and what can you justify buying if you're training for Ironman and you're experiencing back pain..? A new mattress! Heidi and I went mattress shopping..did you know that there are mattresses that cost $16 grand?!?! Holy moly..I'd rather spend that money on a sweet top of the line custom built bike! Mattress comes tomorrow..oh yea! Going to hang out with Susan, Anthony, Moser and company later..asked me what I wanted to do? Anything.. just no excessive walking!

Workout Summary-

Swim- 2 hours and 0 minutes

Bike- 7 hours and 23 minutes
Run- 4 hours and 5 minutes

Total workout- 13 hours and 28 minutes

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it's sexy phase, you can't call it anything else.